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Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2022 Owners Manual: AWD Operation

Four Wheel Drive (AWD) mode selection


If AWD warning light () stays on the instrument cluster, your vehicle may have a malfunction with the AWD system. When the AWD warning light () illuminates have the vehicle checked by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer as soon as possible.



When driving on normal roads, deactivate the AWD LOCK mode by pushing the AWD LOCK button (AWD LOCK indicator light goes off). Driving on normal roads with the AWD LOCK mode, especially, when cornering may cause mechanical noise or vibration. The noise and vibration will disappear when the AWD LOCK mode is deactivated. Prolong driving with the noise and vibration may damage some parts of the power train.


When the AWD LOCK mode is deactivated, a sensation may be felt as the driving power is delivered entirely to the front wheels.

For safe AWD operation

Before driving

Driving on snow-covered or icy roads

Driving in sand or mud


When the vehicle is stuck in snow, sand or mud, place a non-slip material under the drive wheels to provide traction OR Slowly spin the wheels in forward and reverse directions which causes a rocking motion that may free the vehicle. However, avoid running the engine continuously at high RPM. Doing so may damage the AWD system.

Driving up or down hills

• Driving uphill

- Before starting off, check if it is possible to drive uphill.
- Drive as straight as possible.

• Driving downhill

- Do not change gear while driving downhill. Select gear before driving downhill.
- Drive as slowly using engine braking while driving downhill.
- Drive straight as possible.


Exercise extreme caution driving up or down steep hills. The vehicle may flip depending on the grade, terrain and water/ mud conditions.


Do not drive across the contour of steep hills. A slight change in the wheel angle can destabilize the vehicle, or a stable vehicle may lose stability if the vehicle stops its forward motion. Your vehicle may roll over and lead to a serious injury or death.

Driving through water

Additional driving conditions

• Always hold the steering wheel firmly when you are driving off-road.


Do not grab the inside of the steering wheel when you are driving off-road. You may hurt your arm by a sudden steering maneuver or from steering wheel rebound due to an impact with objects on the ground. You could lose control of the steering wheel which may lead to serious injury or death.

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