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Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2022 Owners Manual: Battery


To prevent SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH to you or bystanders, always follow these precautions when working near or handling the battery:

If acid gets into your eyes, flush your eyes with clean water for at least 15 minutes and get immediate medical attention. If acid gets on your skin, thoroughly wash the area. If you feel pain or a burning sensation, get medical attention immediately.



If you connect unauthorized electronic devices to the battery, the battery may be discharged. Never use unauthorized devices.

Blade Replacement
When the wipers no longer clean adequately, the blades may be worn or cracked, and require replacement. NOTICE In order to prevent damage to the hood and the wiper arms, the wiper arms should ...

For Best Battery Service
Keep the battery securely mounted. Keep the battery top clean and dry. Keep the terminals and connections clean, tight, and coated with petroleum jelly or terminal grease. Rinse any spilled ...

Autres materiaux:

Spécifications Maître-cylindre • Type piston unique • D.I. mm (in) 22,22mm (0,875 in) • Course du piston en mm (in) 45±1mm (1,77 ± 0,039 in) ...

Réglage manuel
Réglage vers l'avant et l'arrière Pour avancer ou reculer le siège: 1. Tirez le levier de réglage du siège et maintenez-le relevé. 2. Faites glisser le siège dans la position souhaitée. 3. Relâchez le levier et vérifiez que le siège reste bien en place. Essayez d'avancer ...

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