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Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2022 Owners Manual: Emergency Precautions


Do not use tire and wheel with different size and type from the one originally installed on your vehicle. It can affect the safety and performance of your vehicle, which could lead to steering failure or rollover causing serious injury.

When replacing the tires, be sure to equip all four tires with the tire and wheel of the same size, type, tread, brand and load-carrying capacity. If you equip your vehicle with any tire/wheel combination not recommended by HYUNDAI for offroad driving, you should not use these tires for highway driving.


Never start or run the engine while a full-time AWD vehicle is raised on a jack. The vehicle can slip or roll off of a jack causing serious injury or death to you or those nearby.


AWD vehicles must be towed with a wheel lift and dollies or flatbed equipment with all the wheels off the ground. For more details, refer to "Towing" in chapter 8.

Dynamometer testing

A full-time AWD vehicle must be tested on a special four wheel chassis dynamometer.

A full-time AWD vehicle should not be tested on a 2WD roll tester. If a 2WD roll tester must be used, perform the following procedure:

1. Check the tire pressures recommended for your vehicle.
2. Place the front wheels on the roll tester for a speedometer test as shown in the illustration.
3. Release the parking brake.
4. Place the rear wheels on the temporary free roller as shown in the illustration.



Keep away from the front of the vehicle while the vehicle is in gear on the dynamometer. The vehicle can jump forward and cause serious injury or death.

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