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Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2022 Owners Manual: Front Seats


Take the following precautions when adjusting your seat:


To prevent injury:

Safety Precautions
Adjusting the seats so that you are sitting in a safe and comfortable position plays an important role for the safety of the driver and passengers, as much as seat belts and air bags when in an ac ...

Manual adjustment
The front seat can be adjusted by using the levers located underneath the seat cushion. Before driving, adjust the seat to the proper position so that you can easily control the steering wheel, fo ...

Autres materiaux:

Instrument Cluster Control
Instrument panel illumination When the vehicle’s parking lights or headlamps are on, press the illumination control switch to adjust the brightness of the instrument panel illumination. When pressing the illumination control switch, the interior switch illumination intensity also adjusted. Yo ...

Autonomie (1)
Ce mode donne une estimation de la distance qui peut être parcourue avec le carburant restant. - Plage de distance : 1~9 999 km ou 1~9 999 miles. Si la distance estimée est inférieure à 1 km ou 1 mi, l'ordinateur de bord affiche " --- " pour l'autonomie. Informa ...

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