Hyundai Tucson manuels

Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2022 Owners Manual: Hood

Opening the hood

1. Park the vehicle and set the parking brake.

2. Pull the release lever to unlatch the hood. The hood should pop open slightly.

3. Go to the front of the vehicle, raise the hood slightly, push up the secondary latch (1) inside of the hood center and lift the hood.

4. Pull up on the hood support rod.

5. Install the end of the hood support rod into the slot located on the hood (3).


Closing the hood

1. Before closing the hood, check in and around the engine compartment to ensure the following:

- Any tools or other loose objects are removed from the engine room area or hood opening area
- All glove, rags, or other combustible material is removed from the engine compartment
- All filler caps are tightly and correctly installed

2. Return the hood support rod to its clip to prevent it from rattling.

3. Lower the hood until it is about 30 cm (12in.) above the closed position and let it drop. Make sure that it locks into place.

4. Check that the hood has engaged properly. If the hood can be raised slightly, it is not properly engaged. Open it again and close it with a little more force.


Exterior Features

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