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Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2022 Owners Manual: Locking your vehicle (Button type)

To lock :

1. Close all doors, engine hood and tailgate.

2. Carry the smart key.

3. Either press the door handle button or press the Door Lock button (1) on the smart key.

4. The hazard warning lights will blink and the chime will sound once.

5. Make sure the doors are locked by pulling the outside door handle.

Smart Key
Your HYUNDAI maybe equipped with a smart key, which you can use to lock or unlock the doors and tailgate, and start the engine while just having the key in your possession. 1. Door lock 2. Door u ...

Locking your vehicle (Touch sensor type)
1. Make sure that all doors are closed. 2. While having the Smart Key in your possession, touch the outer part of the door handle on or near the handle detent for about 1 second or until you hear ...

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