Hyundai Tucson manuels

Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2022 Owners Manual: Maintenance Under Severe Usage Conditions

The following items must be serviced more frequently on cars mainly used under severe driving conditions. Refer to the chart below for the appropriate maintenance intervals.

R : Replace
I : Inspect and if necessary, adjust, correct, clean or replace


After 10 years or 100,000 miles, we recommend to use severe maintenance schedule.

Severe driving conditions

A. Repeatedly driving short distance of less than 5 miles (8 km) in normal temperature or less than 10 miles (16 km) in freezing temperature
B. Extensive engine idling or low speed driving for long distances
C. Driving on rough, dusty, muddy, unpaved, graveled or saltspread roads
D. Driving in areas using salt or other corrosive materials or in very cold weather
E. Driving in the condition of inflowing sand or dust into engine
F. Driving in heavy traffic area
G. Driving on uphill, downhill, or mountain roads
H. Towing a trailer or using a camper, or driving with loads on the roof
I. Driving for patrol car, taxi, commercial car or vehicle towing
J. Frequently driving under high speed or rapid acceleration/deceleration
K. Frequently driving in stop-and-go conditions
L. Engine oil usage which is not recommended (Mineral type, Semi-synthetic, Lower grade spec, etc.)

Normal Maintenance Schedule
I : Inspect and if necessary, adjust, correct, clean or replace. R : Replace or change. ...

Explanation of Scheduled Maintenance Items
Engine Oil and Filter The engine oil and filter should be changed at the intervals specified in the maintenance schedule. If the vehicle is being driven in severe conditions, more frequent oil and ...

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