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Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2022 Owners Manual: Rear View Monitor Malfunction and Limitations

Rear View Monitor malfunction

When Rear View Monitor is not working properly, or the screen flickers, or the camera image does not display properly, have the vehicle inspected by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.

Limitations of Rear View Monitor

When the vehicle is stopped for a long time in winter or when the vehicle is parked in an indoor parking lot, the exhaust fumes may temporarily blur the image.


Rear View Monitor Operation
Operating button Parking/View button Press the Parking/View button (1) to turn on Rear View Monitor. Press the button again to turn off the function. Rear view Operating conditions Shift the gear ...

Surround View Monitor (SVM)
Surround View Monitor can assist in parking by allowing the driver to see around the vehicle. Detecting sensor [1] : Surround-front view camera, [2],[3] : Surround-side view camera (under the si ...

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