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Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2022 Owners Manual: Securing a Child Restraint System seat with “Tether Anchor” system

First secure the child restraint with the LATCH lower anchors or the seat belt. If the child restraint manufacturer recommends that the top tether strap be attached, attach and tighten the top tether strap to the top tether strap anchor.

Child restraint hook holders are located on the rear of the seatbacks.

To install the tether anchor:

1. Route the Child Restraint System top-tether strap over the seatback. Route the tether strap under the head restraint and between the head restraint posts, or route the tether strap over the top of the vehicle seatback. Make sure the strap is not twisted.

2. Connect the tether strap hook to the tether anchor, then tighten the top-tether strap according to the instructions of your Child Restraint System’s manufacturer to firmly attach the Child Restraint System to the seat.

3. Check that the Child Restraint System is securely attached to the seat by pushing and pulling the seat forwardand- back and side-to-side.


Take the following precautions when installing the top-tether:

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