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Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2022 Owners Manual: Slide open/close


To reduce wind noise while driving, we recommend that you drive at the recommended position before the maximum slide open position.

Tilt Open/Close
Push the sunroof switch upward, the sunroof glass tilts open. Push the sunroof switch forward when the sunroof glass is tilt opened, the sunroof glass closes. To stop the sunroof movement a ...

Automatic Reversal
If the sunroof glass senses any obstacle while it is closing automatically, it will reverse direction then stop at a certain position. The auto reverse function may not work if an object thin or ...

Autres materiaux:

Zone de détection
Le hayon intelligent déclenche une alerte d'accueil si la clé intelligente est détectée à une distance de 50- 100 cm (20~40 pouces) du hayon. L'alerte s'arrête lorsque la clé intelligente quitte la zone de détection pendant la phase de détection et d'alerte. ...

Removing the tailgate
[A] : rear camera connector (If equipped) 1. Disconnect connectors located on the bottom side of the tailgate. 2. Disconnect both support cable. And tilt the tailgate to roughly 45 degrees from the full open position. 3. Pull up the tail gate and out disconnecting the right hand side hinge. ...

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