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Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2022 Owners Manual: Storing the Flat Tire

The full size flat tire should be stored and fixed in the vehicle until you reach a service station.


Do not store the flat tire on the spare tire carrier underneath your vehicle.

1. Take out the strap which is stored in the storage box under the right rear seat. Connect the two straps with the buckle, if necessary, before using the strap to fix the flat tire.

2. Place the flat tire on the floor of the bed area.

3. Pass one end of the strap through the wheel center and connect both strap hooks to each D-rings (A-A’ or B-B’).

4. Pull the strap (1) to tighten the strap firmly.

5. Try moving the flat tire to see if it is properly secured.


Never leave the flat tire unfixed in the vehicle. An unsecured flat tire may cause damage to the vehicle when the vehicle makes sharp turns, suddenly stops, or is in an accident.

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