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Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2022 Owners Manual: System Maintenance

Cabin air filter

[A] : Outside air, [B] : Recirculated air
[C] : Cabin air filter, [D] : Blower
[E] : Evaporator core, [F] : Heater core

The cabin air filter is installed behind the glove box. It filters the dust or other pollutants that enter the vehicle through the heating and air conditioning system.

Have the cabin air filter replaced by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer according to the maintenance schedule. If the vehicle is being driven in severe conditions such as dusty or rough roads, more frequent climate control filter inspections and changes are required.

If the air flow rate suddenly decreases, the system should be checked at an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.

Air Conditioning Performance and Maintenance at Your HYUNDAI Dealer

When the amount of refrigerant is low, the performance of the air conditioning is reduced. Overfilling also reduces the performance of the air conditioning system.

Therefore, if abnormal operation is found, have the system inspected by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.


It is important that the correct type and amount of oil and refrigerant is used. Otherwise, damage to the compressor and abnormal system operation may occur. To prevent damage, the air conditioning system in your vehicle should only be serviced by trained and certified technicians.


Vehicles equipped with R-1234yf

Since the refrigerant is mildly flammable and operated at high pressure, the air conditioning system should only be serviced by trained and certified technicians. It is important that the correct type and amount of oil and refrigerant are used.

All refrigerants should be reclaimed with proper equipment. Venting refrigerants directly to the atmosphere is harmful to individuals and environment. Failure to heed these warnings can lead to serious injuries.

Air Conditioning refrigerant label

You can find out which air conditioning refrigerant is applied to your vehicle on the label located inside of the hood.

Each symbol and specification on the air conditioning refrigerant label is represented as below:

1. Classification of refrigerant
2. Amount of refrigerant
3. Classification of compressor lubricant
4. Caution
5. Flammable refrigerant
6. To require registered technician to service air conditioning system

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