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Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2023 Owners Manual: Good Driving Practices


To reduce the risk of SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH:

Always come to a complete stop and continue to depress the brake pedal. Move the shift lever into the P (Park) position, apply the parking brake, and place the ignition switch in the LOCK/ OFF po ...

Braking System
Power-assist Brakes Your vehicle has power-assisted brakes that adjust automatically through normal usage. If the engine is not running or is turned off while driving, the power assist for the bra ...

Autres materiaux:

Composants et emplacement des composants
COMPOSANTS 1. Arbre à cames d'admission 2. Arbre à cames d'échappement 3. CVVT d'admission 4. CVVT d'échappement 5. Chaîne de distribution 6. Bras du tendeur de la chaîne de distribution 7. Tendeur de la chaîne de distribution ...

Spécifications Maître-cylindre • Type piston unique • D.I. mm (in) 22,22mm (0,875 in) • Course du piston en mm (in) 45±1mm (1,77 ± 0,039 in) ...

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