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Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2022 Owners Manual: Luggage Compartment Features

Tonneau Cover

Locking the tonneau cover

Turn lock knob 90 degrees counterclockwise to lock the tonneau cover.

Unlocking the tonneau cover

Turn lock knob 90 degrees clockwise to unlock the tonneau cover.

Emergency release

Push emergency release lever.

Fully opening tonneau cover

1. Make sure that tonneau cover is unlocked.

2. Push tonneau handle forward until unlatched. Handle will stay in “unlatched” position.

3. Tonneau cover will retract and fully.


The purpose of tonneau cover is to cover the bed from rain and dirt:

Fully closing tonneau cover

1. Use strap to pull tonneau cover until handle can be reached.

2. Return handle to “latched” position.

3. Pull tonneau cover rearward until it latches against the tailgate.

Half opening tonneau cover (from open)

1. Pull strap 45 degrees to the left to return handle to “latched” position.

2. Use strap to close tonneau past half open position, then release. latch pins will make audible click.

Half opening tonneau cover (from closed)

1. Push tonneau handle forward until unlatched. (Handle will stay in “unlatched” position)

2. Return handle to “latched” position.

3. Tonneau cover will open and stop at halfway position.



• The Roll cover is not designed for loading although it can support normal snow loads. No part of it can support any load from cargo or persons and the product might be damaged if somebody stands on it.


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