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Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2023 Owners Manual: Seat Warmers

Seat warmers are provided to warm the front seats during cold weather.

During mild weather or under conditions where the operation of the seat warmer is not needed, keep the seat warmers OFF.


The seat warmers can cause a SERIOUS BURN, even at low temperatures and especially if used for long periods of time.

Passengers must be able to feel if the seat is becoming too warm so they can turn it off, if needed.

People who cannot detect temperature change or pain to the skin should use extreme caution, especially the following types of passengers:


NEVER place anything on the seat that insulates against heat when the seat warmer is in operation, such as a blanket or seat cushion. This may cause the seat warmer to overheat, causing a burn or damage to the seat.


To prevent damage to the seat warmers and seats:

While the engine is running, push either of the switches to warm the driver's seat or front passenger's seat.

During mild weather or under conditions where the operation of the seat warmer is not needed, keep the switches in the OFF position.

• Manual temperature control

Each time you push the switch, the temperature setting of the seat is changed as follows:

- Front seat

- Rear seat

• Automatic temperature control

The seat warmer starts to automatically control the seat temperature in order to prevent low-temperature burns after being manually turned ON.

- Front seat

- Rear seat

If HIGH temperature is manually selected again, the temperature will be controlled automatically.

For more details, refer to the separately supplied Infotainment manual with your vehicle.


With the seat warmer switch in the ON position, the heating system in the seat turns off or on automatically depending on the seat temperature.

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