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Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2022 Owners Manual: Trailer Towing Equipment



The mounting hole for hitches are located on both sides of the underbody behind the rear tires.

It’s important to have the correct hitch equipment. Crosswinds, large trucks going by, and rough roads are a few reasons why you’ll need the right hitch. Here are some rules to follow:


If a separate battery is installed on the trailer, the 12 volt battery on the vehicle may discharge.

Safety chains

You should always attach chains between your vehicle and your trailer. Instructions about safety chains may be provided by the hitch manufacturer or trailer manufacturer. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for attaching safety chains. Always leave just enough slack so you can turn with your trailer. And, never allow safety chains to drag on the ground.

Trailer brakes

If your trailer is equipped with a braking system, make sure it conforms to your country’s regulations and that it is properly installed and operating correctly.

If your trailer weighs more than the maximum trailer weight without trailer brakes loaded, then it needs its own brakes and they must be adequate. Be sure to read and follow the instructions for the trailer brakes so you’ll be able to install, adjust and maintain them properly. Be sure not to modify your vehicle’s brake system.


Do not use a trailer with its own brakes unless you are absolutely certain that you have properly set up the brake system. This is not a task for amateurs. Use an experienced, competent trailer shop for this work.

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