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Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2022 Owners Manual: Vehicle Stability Management (VSM)

Vehicle Stability Management is a function of the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system. It helps the vehicle stay stable when accelerating or braking suddenly on wet, slippery and rough roads where traction over the four tires can suddenly become uneven.


Take the following precautions when using Vehicle Stability Management:

VSM operation

When operating

When you apply your brakes under conditions which may activate ESC, you may hear sounds from the brakes, or feel a corresponding sensation in the brake pedal. This is normal and it means your VSM is active.


VSM does not operate when:

VSM OFF condition

To cancel VSM operation, press the ESC OFF button. ESC OFF () indicator light will illuminate.

To turn on VSM, press the ESC OFF button again. The ESC OFF indicator light will go out.


If the ESC () indicator light or EPS () warning light stays illuminated or blinks, your vehicle may have a malfunction with the VSM system. When the warning light illuminates have your vehicle checked by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer as soon as possible.


Driving with wheels and tires with different sizes may cause the VSM system to malfunction. Before replacing tires, make sure all four tires and wheels are the same size. Never drive the vehicle with different sized tires and wheels installed.

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