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Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2023 Owners Manual: Windshield Defrosting And Defogging

Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2023 Owners Manual / Convenient Features / Windshield Defrosting And Defogging


Windshield heating

Do not use the position during cooling operation in extremely humid weather. The difference between the temperature of the outside air and that of the windshield could cause the outer surface of the windshield to fog up, causing loss of visibility could cause an accident resulting in serious injury or death. In this case, set the mode selection button to the position and fan speed control knob to a lower speed.


If the engine temperature is still cold after starting, then a brief engine warm up period may be required for the vented air flow to become warm or hot.

System Maintenance
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Manual Climate Control System
To defog inside windshield 1. Select any fan speed except “0” position. 2. Select the desired temperature. 3. Press the defroster button (). 4. The outside (fresh) air will be selected automati ...

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