Hyundai Tucson manuels

Hyundai Tucson Revue Technique Automobile: Composants et emplacement des composants


1. Capteur d'éclairage automatique
2. Phares
3. Interrupteur d'éclairage (Auto)
4. Feux arrière
5. Module de commande de la carosserie (BCM)

Spécifications Élément Spécifications Tension nominale 5V CHARGE Max. 1mA (Charge du relais) ...

Diagrammes schématiques
Schéma du circuit ...

Autres materiaux:

Front Seats
WARNING Take the following precautions when adjusting your seat: NEVER attempt to adjust the seat while the vehicle is moving. The seat could respond with unexpected movement and may cause loss of vehicle control resulting in an accident. Do not place anything under the front seats. ...

Tires and Wheels
NOTICE It is permissible to add 3 psi to the standard tire pressure specification if colder temperatures are expected soon. Tires typically lose 1psi (7kPa) for every 12°F temperature drop. If extreme temperature variations are expected, recheck your tire pressure as necessary to ke ...

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