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Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2022 Owners Manual: Front Seat Belt – Driver’s 3point system with emergency locking retractor

Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2022 Owners Manual / Seats & Safety System / Seat Belts / Seat Belt Warning Light / Front Seat Belt – Driver’s 3point system with emergency locking retractor

To fasten your seat belt:

Pull it out of the retractor and insert the metal tab (1) into the buckle (2). There will be an audible “click” when the tab locks into the buckle.

You should place the lap belt (1) portion across your hips and the shoulder belt (2) portion across your chest.

The seat belt automatically adjusts to the proper length after the lap belt portion is adjusted manually so that it fits snugly around your hips. If you lean forward in a slow, easy motion, the belt will extend and move with you.

If there is a sudden stop or impact, the belt will lock into position. It will also lock if you try to lean forward too quickly.


If you are not able to smoothly pull enough of the seat belt out from the retractor, firmly pull the seat belt out and release it. After release, you will be able to pull the belt out smoothly.

Height adjustment

You can adjust the height of the shoulder belt anchor to one of the four different positions for maximum comfort and safety.

The shoulder portion should be adjusted so it lies across your chest and midway over your shoulder nearest the door, not over your neck.

To adjust the height of the seat belt anchor, lower or raise the height adjuster into an appropriate position.

To raise the height adjuster, pull it up (1). To lower it, push it down (3) while pressing the height adjuster button (2).

Release the button to lock the anchor into position. Try sliding the height adjuster to make sure that it has locked into position.

To release your seat belt:

Press the release button (1) in the locking buckle.

Once released, the belt should automatically draw back into the retractor. If this does not happen, check the belt to be sure it is not twisted, then try again.

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