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Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2022 Owners Manual: Trailer Stability Assist (TSA)

Trailer stability assist is operated as a vehicle stability control system. The Trailer stability assist system stabilizes the vehicle and trailer when the trailer sways or oscillates. Use caution when towing a trailer in high winds, which could cause your trailer to sway excessively. Also, reduce your highway speed while towing a trailer, especially when driving a downhill grade. The weight of the trailer behind your vehicle while driving on a downhill grade could cause the trailer to sway excessively.

Factors that may contribute to excessive trailer sway include:

- Higher vehicle speeds
- Strong crosswinds
- Improper or uneven loading of the trailer
- Sudden movements of the steering wheel in your vehicle
- Uneven or broken road conditions

The trailer stability assist system analyzes the vehicle and trailer condition while driving. If the system detects excessive sway from the trailer, the front brakes may be applied automatically to help stabilize the vehicle. In some cases the brakes may be applied on all wheels and the engine power may be reduced in order to minimize the sway condition.

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