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Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2023 Owners Manual: Automatic Reversal

If the sunroof glass senses any obstacle while it is closing automatically, it will reverse direction then stop at a certain position.

The auto reverse function may not work if an object thin or soft is caught between the sliding sunroof glass and sunroof sash.


Make sure heads, hands, arms or any other body parts or objects are out of the way before operating the sunroof. Body parts or objects may get caught causing injuries or vehicle damage.

Never deliberately use your body parts to test the automatic reversal function. The sunroof glass may reverse direction, but there is a risk of injury.



Do not extend your head, arms, body parts or objects outside the sunroof while driving. Injuries may occur if the vehicle suddenly stops.

Slide open/close
Push the sunroof switch rearward, the sunshade and sunroof glass slide open. Push the sunroof switch forward, only the sunroof glass closes. Push the sunroof switch forward or rearward to ...

Resetting the sunroof
In some circumstances resetting the sunroof operation may need to be performed. Some instances where resetting the sunroof may be required include: When the 12-volt battery is either disconne ...

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